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3D MODEL - Complete Ice Hockey Collection

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Complete Ice Hockey Collection

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Description: File Formats:

A complete low polygon ice hockey arena collection with generic crowd. Perfect for hockey games requiring a low polygon count. The scene is split up so that it is possible to remove certain items to lower the polygon count even further. For example, the crowd is split up into the front, bottom or legs, and back, so for instance, you could remove the crowd back and bottom parts when viewing the arena from the ice since they cannot be seen anyways.

After removing the arena crowd backs and bottoms the scene's polygon-vertices count dropped from 15,224-30,230 to 8,330-14,298.

Also included are layered photoshop files for the ice hockey rink (playing surface), crowd, and scoreboard. The layered photoshop file for the crowd can be edited to remove fans and produce smaller crowd sizes. Also, the arena advertisements can be easily replaced with your own game company name, logo, or anything else you choose.

Note1: If you don't have Adobe Photoshop, you can download a free image editing software called GIMP - google it. With GIMP, you can open and edit Photoshop files just like in Adobe Photoshop.

All models below are in (.3ds, .obj, .fbx, .dxf, .jas) file formats.

Items Included:
- ice hockey arena
- arena rails
- hockey goal
- crowd front, bottom, and back
- arena advertisements
- ice hockey rink or playing surface
- jumbotron screen - with separate material to play videos
- scoreboard
- hockey stick - normal and goalie
- hockey puck

Polygon - Vertices Count:
- scene total: 15,224-30,230
- arena: 3,938-4,428
- arena rails: 200-800
- goal: 598-664
- crowd front and back: 2,298-6,392 each
- crowd bottom: 4,596-9,540
- arena Advertisements: 128-272
- hockey rink (playing surface): 1-4
- scoreboard: 569-1,114
- hockey stick normal: 118-120
- hockey stick goalie: 134-136
- hockey puck: 150-122

Also, each of the items above contain 2 different texture map sizes for low and high resolution rendering. Non-transparent textures are in .jpg, while transparent textures are in the .png file format.

3D Studio ( .3ds )
OBJ ( .obj )
Kaydara FBX ( .fbx )
DXF ( .dxf )
Cheetah3D ( .jas )
Geometry: Polygonal
Polygons: 15,224
Vertices: 30,230
Textures: Yes
Materials: Yes
Rigged: No
Animated: No





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